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Marco Island Auto Transport specializes in providing safe and efficient vehicle transport services to and from Marco Island. Whether you're moving to or from Marco Island or need to transport a vehicle for any other reason, we've got you covered.
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We offer a variety of car shipping services tailored to meet your needs:

- Open car transport

- Enclosed car transport

- Expedited car shipping

- Door-to-door delivery

- And more!

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$50 Marco Patriots Active Duty Discount

Military Vehicle Transport

While the military covers the shipment cost for one vehicle per service member, those needing to transport a second vehicle must turn to an independent auto transporter. Secure fully-insured military vehicle shipping with Marco Island Car Shipping.

We can handle any type of Marco Island auto transport move

Auto Transport

Enclosed Transport

Door-To-Door Auto Shipping

Efficiently transport your car by securely loading it onto a multi-car carrier alongside other vehicles.

Premium enclosed auto transport and vehicle shipping services.

Ship your vehicle from any location and have it conveniently delivered to your door.

Cost Calculation Process

Door-to-Door Vehicle Shipping

Transporting your vehicle through our licensed, bonded auto transport firm involves various factors that determine the total cost. We take pride in our transparent pricing, ensuring you understand precisely what factors contribute to your quote.

The key considerations we evaluate are:

- Vehicle Type & Size: Smaller vehicles like compacts, sedans, and mid-size SUVs generally incur lower costs compared to larger trucks, vans, and luxury vehicles. Larger vehicles necessitate more space and fuel consumption.

- Route & Distance: More frequented routes typically result in lower prices due to higher carrier volume. Conversely, less common routes may elevate rates due to supply and demand dynamics. Longer distances also contribute to increased fuel expenses.

- Season & Timing: Fall and winter often offer the best rates as shipping volume decreases. Conversely, peak summer months experience heightened demand, potentially leading to increased rates if expedited transport is necessary.

- Specialized Services: Transporting classic cars, exotics, and high-end models may require specialized care such as enclosed transport, lift gates, and enhanced insurance coverage, which may command higher pricing for proper handling.

Rely on our extensive decades of auto shipping expertise to deliver customized service at an affordable price. Obtain an instant quote now by providing details on your specific vehicle shipment.

Save Money Shipping Your Car

When budget constraints arise, open auto transport offers a cost-efficient shipping solution. Open carriers accommodate multiple vehicles simultaneously, ensuring competitive pricing compared to enclosed trailers. However, for classic, collectible, or luxury models requiring special care, enclosed transport is recommended.

In the past, terminal-to-terminal transport was the economical choice, where customers dropped off and picked up vehicles at hubs. Nowadays, with most carriers offering convenient door-to-door services as standard, door-to-door has become the more affordable option for the average customer.

Opting for open haulers and door-to-door routing can lower quotes for transporting your car, making auto transport align with your financial requirements. Our licensed professionals deliver tailored service at competitive rates. Get an instant price estimate today.

Factors Affecting Car Shipping Rates: Important Considerations in Determining Your Quote.

When comparing quotes from different auto transport companies, you may observe discrepancies in pricing for seemingly similar shipments. As seasoned and licensed professionals, we aim to elucidate the key factors influencing your rate. Understanding these critical elements provides transparency, allowing you to comprehend the intricacies involved in cost estimation.

The primary factors we evaluate when formulating personalized quotes include:

1. Vehicle Characteristics: Size, operational condition, modifications, specialized transport requirements

2. Distance and Route: Short vs. long distances, accessibility of delivery locations

3. Timing and Seasonal Variations: High-demand seasons, time sensitivity of delivery

4. Additional Services: Supplementary insurance needs, preference for enclosed trailers, door-to-door transport requests

While one carrier may offer lower rates, it's essential to consider factors such as reputation, safety records, coverage, and customer support when making your decision. Obtain quotes from our top-rated auto transport service to witness the exceptional quality we deliver with every shipment.

We currently offer discounts:

Military members and veterans thanks to our Patriot Program $25.00 Off Veterans $50 off for active military

Multi-car shipments with 2+ vehicles moving along one route $25 off per vehicle $50 off per vehicle 3 or more

AAA members as an additional perk on top of roadside benefits - 10% off deposit

Early booking flexibility with 14+ day notice before the requested pickup date - 10% off booking fee

Inquire with our transportation specialists during your free quote consultation to learn about combinable discounts you may qualify for based on the details of your upcoming shipment. Our customers appreciate our upfront all-in pricing with incentives to save hundreds off competitive bids.

Domestic Violence Victims - Our deposit/broker fee is $0. Case by case basis. Must fill out grant form.

Get in touch today to start saving on specialized door-to-door auto transport services backed by 11+ years as a top-rated auto shipping leader. For faster service call 239-273-4649.

Shipping Safely

Auto Transport Insurance

Navigating Auto Transport Insurance for Your Vehicle's Protection

Do you need insurance to ship a car?

Typically, if you won't be driving it, you may not need to carry your own car insurance to transport a vehicle by truck, ship, or rail. Opting for a car hauler with sufficient insurance coverage can safeguard against damages incurred during the moving process. However, having comprehensive and collision coverage on your auto policy can offer added protection if there's an issue with your auto transport insurance, potentially relieving you of responsibility for damage during transit.

Are there specific auto transport insurance requirements?

Auto transport insurance coverage requirements can vary by state, so it's advisable to inquire about their insurance policy details. Confirm that their insurance encompasses pickup, transport, and delivery. Some transporters may only provide coverage once your vehicle is on the truck. Additionally, a car hauler's insurance policy may have exclusions that could complicate coverage for your vehicle in the event of transit-related damage.

When you drop off your car, a transport company representative will conduct a thorough inspection to document any scratches and dents. You'll mutually agree on the car's condition, and this process will be repeated at the destination. Request a copy of the inspection report at both drop-off and pickup. In the absence of new damage, your journey continues. Should your vehicle sustain damage or be destroyed during transport, you would file a claim with the transporter's insurer.

Can you transport a car without insurance?

If you aren't planning to drive it at all, you might not be obligated to have an auto insurance policy for your car while it's in transit. However, transporting a car without insurance may not be advisable. Insurance is typically required for driving to a drop-off point, picking up the vehicle, and driving around once you reach your destination. Furthermore, if there's an issue with the transporter's insurance, your auto insurance could potentially serve as a backup, depending on your policy.

What types of auto insurance coverage cover auto transport damage?

Comprehensive car insurance coverage may provide protection if your vehicle sustains damage during transportation due to various factors such as fire, wind, hail, flood, theft, vandalism, falling objects, or animal-related incidents. Auto collision coverage might come into play if the transporter driving your vehicle is involved in an accident. Each insurer's policy differs, so it's advisable to consult yours to understand how coverage applies to transport-related claims.

Are you located in Southwest Florida? Why opt for driving when you can take flight?

Marco Island Car Shipping specializes in shipping vehicles to and from Florida

When planning your next trip, consider the convenience of our terminal option near the RSW Fort Myers terminal, complete with a shuttle service to the airport. Simply drive your car to the designated location, and for a small parking fee, leave the rest to us. We'll make the reservation and ensure your car stays securely parked until your carrier arrives. We'll also provide all necessary information to the terminal, so when your driver arrives, they can simply pick up the keys and go. For further details and to learn more about how you can elevate your travel experience, don't hesitate to give us a call at 239-273-4649. We're here to ensure your travels are smooth from start to finish

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Efficient Marco Island Car Shipping Solutions

Explore the Marco Island Car Shipping ( A divison of Enterprise Auto Transport Naples )omnichannel advantage, effortlessly linking you to your dedicated agent anytime, from anywhere. Whether you prefer a phone call, a WhatsApp message, a Facebook or text message, or an email, our friendly and knowledgeable agents are available 24/7. With a 99.9% positive rating across online reviews, including a five-star rating on Google, Transport Reviews, and Yelp, as well as an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, you can trust that you're in capable hands with Marco Island Car Shipping.

Auto Transport Insurance? What does fully insured mean?

When organizing the transportation of your vehicle, whether it's for a relocation, temporary change of location, or acquiring a car from another area, ensuring a secure and smooth transport process is crucial. One key aspect to consider is the insurance coverage for auto transport.

Understanding the importance of insurance and taking necessary precautions provides assurance that your vehicle is protected throughout the transportation journey.

Is Insurance Required for Car Shipping?

In brief, insurance is not mandatory for shipping a car. Auto transporters are required by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) to carry liability and cargo insurance, designed to protect against potential damage or loss during transit.

Auto Transport Insurance: Key Points

It's important to understand what liability insurance covers. Typically, auto transporters' liability and cargo insurance cover damages caused by them during transportation, potentially leaving gaps in coverage for other risks and damages.

As the vehicle owner, it's advisable to secure your insurance coverage to protect against unforeseen events or damages during the shipping process, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Essential Auto Transport Insurance Requirements

When selecting an auto transport company, ensure their compliance with minimum insurance requirements. Factors such as the Motor Carrier (MC) number, Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements, availability of enclosed auto transport for additional protection, and understanding insurance policies regarding deductibles, coverage limits, and types of damage covered are vital. Some companies may offer optional additional coverage for added peace of mind.

Costs of Auto Transport Insurance

Auto transport insurance is typically included in the service, with no extra charges. Some companies may provide optional supplemental coverage for those seeking heightened protection.

Tips for a Smooth Car Shipping Experience

To ensure a secure and smooth car shipping experience, consider the following suggestions:

1. Request evidence of insurance from the auto transport company.

2. Secure written agreements and document any special considerations.

3. Check your auto insurance policy for coverage during transit.

4. Remove personal items from the vehicle.

5. Conduct thorough inspections before and after shipping.

6. Properly document the vehicle's condition using the Bill of Lading.

Filing a Claim for Auto Transport Insurance

In the rare occurrence of damages during transit, filing a claim can be a straightforward process:

1. Acknowledge the rarity of damages during transit.

2. Compare the vehicle's condition before and after transport.

3. Promptly report damages to the auto shipping company.

4. If necessary, escalate the matter by filing a complaint with relevant authorities.